Plans Copying

With a recent addition of a digital plans copier, we now have the added ability to ENLARGE and REDUCE plans.

We can copy from A4 up to A0, from A0 down to A4 and any size in between.

We also now have the capability to PRINT PLANS straight from computer, so if you produce your original plans in a digital format we can print these up to A0.

All you need to do is EMAIL / drop in a MEMORY STICK, CD, or DVD with the file / files you would like us to print and we will do the rest.

Our preferred file formats are PLT or PDF, however we can also accept Tiffs, DWG or DWF files.

If you have hard copies of plans that you would like to archive, we can SCAN and save them on to a CD / DVD in PDF or TIFF format.

We can also print colour plans up to A1 size.

Totcom Plans Copying