Carbon Neutral (CO2)

Océ Black Label Zero is produced carbon neutrally: In an integrated mill where the energy requirements for the paper production comes from recovered energy from the mill’s own pulp production. All other fuels that are used are biofuels only. This leads to a paper profile of Black Label Zero with zero CO2 emission.

Sustainable Forestry (FSC Certified)

Black Label Zero comes from a FSC certified source, this means that the harming of forests is minimized during production of the paper.

Minimizing Energy Consumption (EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan certified)

This guarantees maximum sustainability in the entire production chain,including strict criteria for emissions to air and water use, energy consumption, use of chemicals, waste management, etc.

Reducing paper waste (Available in reamless (bulk) packaging)

This means less packaging material (no ream wrapper) is used for the product. Therefore less waste is produced. Tested & approved by the Supplies Knowledge Center of Océ Imaging Supplies. This minimizes the chance of misprints and paper jams, which also reduces paper waste.